Wedding Cake: An Important Detail

Everyone loves a piece of a good wedding cake. It’s the round off of the day, part of the dessert part of the reception and everyone loves seeing and tasting the cake. Especially when a little drunk; beer and cake round off a great wedding! The wedding cake is indeed the centrepiece of the wedding reception. If you haven’t attended a wedding lately, you may not realise how popular the wedding cake has become! If possible, provide your guests with a 360 degree view of the cake and the cutting. Your guests will want to view the wedding cake prior to seating themselves at the wedding reception. Additionally when the time comes for cake cutting your guests will want to seek out a prime spot for viewing and to take photos of this exciting part of your day. Be sure to display your cake beautifully and in a prominent, well-decorated location at your reception site.USED (3)

Wedding planning companies such as can offer advice to you about your cake and icing styles. The traditional wedding cake was always a three tiered, elaborately decorated white cake with white butter cream icing. Strict traditions are more relaxed these days, resulting in a wide variety of cake styles, shapes, colours and flavours. Your options are really now limitless. You envision it and it can be created. Everything from naked cakes to multi-flavoured tiers and even Krispy Kreme doughnut tower cakes! Don’t forget to decorate your cake table. A plain tablecloth is fine but a well decorated cake table with a specialised table cloth or flowers will really make the beautiful presentation of the wedding cake complete. It is only a single table, if you splurge on decorative linens and special flowers nowhere else at the wedding, please think about doing so for your cake!

  • Tiers: You can have each of your cake tiers displayed one on top of the other, but you can also have them displayed separately on your cake table, on elevated cake plates on a variety of heights. Some elevated cake plates are available in a fixed arrangement, whil others are available individually so you can organise them however you like.
  • Flavours: Each layer of your cake can have a different flavour cake and filing without changing the exterior appearance of the cake. These varied internal cakes have become so popular now what with wedding guests wanting a piece of cake flavouring they prefer and not what they get given.
  • Icing: It may come as a shock, but your choice of icing is a very important one. Be sure to choose the right icing for the right setting. Some icings hold up really well in heat but others require refrigeration until just before serving which means your cake won’t be able to be on display early in the day.
  • Shape: Round cakes have been the norm for many years and square cakes have become ever more popular in recent years. Even octagonal wedding cakes have become quite popular! Your baker may place coloured ribbon around each tier of your cake to reflect your colour scheme. Some people prefer the option of one tier to cut, and individual cupcakes instead of the traditional stacked tiered cake.
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Ways To Make Your House Clutter-Free

The main trait of a clutterer is denial. Who me? I don’t live in a mess. I can throw things away that are chipped or broken. I can live in a home without clutter! A clutterer is a compulsive collector who can’t bear to put worthless things in the bin (garbage) or throw anything away that is broken. They have to have all their possessions on show, and hence the always have a dusty house because it is so difficult to clean. At first glance their home looks like a tip, but it is often ordered, just very busy and full. So, can we cure the clutterer? Yes we can! They just have to want to change. With a little persuasion and a lot of heartache it can be done.

  • Step 1 – Act like you are about to move house. Take everything out of the room. (Do this one room at a time or the clutterer just won’t cope.)
  • Step 2 – Bring back the most important things for the room. For example a living room, the sofa, couch, chairs, TV, stereo, side tables, or the bedroom, bed side tables.
  • Step 3 – Work out where all the important things sit in the space. Move them so the space flows and that you can move freely around the room. Then sit down and have a look around, breathe in, how do you feel? You should feel liberated. You will find that your chest feels lighter, the air seems to flow better, (could be something to do with Feng Shui), or just that you are not having to fight with multiple colours and textures around the room.
  • Step 4 – Start layering. Select a few things at a time to bring back into the room to decorate with. Paintings, pictures, a vase, a rug, lamps. Do it slowly and feel how the space is changing. Pick out the best items that you want to show, don’t use all of them. I have just heard lately of an expression called editing, it means select the best things you have and enjoy them, change them around seasonally or as the fashion you follow dictates, it is important that the room expresses the personality of the owner, but we don’t need their whole life story in one room.
  • Step 5 – Stop! Yes, don’t keep going. Less is better in a room. Put all the remaining items in storage until you are happy with the new space. Then after a few weeks, sort through it all, keep what is reusable, and donate the rest to a good charity or sell it on ebay. You can cure the clutterer.

This illness can easily creep back, make sure if you are going to add new things that you do it slowly and really consider their impact on the space, you may have to take something out to make room for it. If not, you will again suffer the dreadful fate of becoming a recurring clutterer. Companies like is somewhere you can buy amazing furniture for storing all that clutter!

You can do this, we can cure the clutterer and create a potential interior decorator out of you yet. Give it a go now.

Good Luck!


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10 Must-See Art Galleries in Paris

Paris is a city that many dream of visiting for its culture, history and let’s be honest, potential for romance. One of the world’s foremost art capitals, Paris has long been an art aficionado’s paradise. With the wealth of public galleries, creative events and white spaces ready for exhibition, you’ll want to visit as many as you can! You can always buy exciting paintings and prints online with websites like but for a little French flavour to your holiday, here’s a list of the top art galleries in the capital city of France.


  • Fondation Cartier: This contemporary art museum boasts the hugely popular ‘Nomadic Nights’ which focuses on the performing arts. Open for over thirty years, this Nouvel designed building houses some exciting collections.
  • Modus Art Gallery: This gallery is often overlooked due to the way it is placed, but it describes its vision as a reference point for both contemporary and modern art. The collections are unique and showcase a range of art styles.
  • La Marechalerie: If you want an escape from the busy central Paris streets, this gallery in Versaille is easily accessed by the local public transport. The gallery prioritises the work of artists that are dedicated to and inspired by ways of diverting or reconfiguring circumstantial urban constraints.
  • Galerie Xippas: With showrooms and galleries from as far reaching as Greece and Uruguay, there is a contemporary international art platform here. Both new and established artists are on show here.
  • La Maison Rouge: The white space is driven by the need to feature a spectrum of new contemporary artists which is why it only has temporary displays. Three times a year, an art pop-up space is in the gallery.
  • Agnes B – Galere du Jour: This gallery has become renowned for its mix of cherry-picked painters, photographers and sculptors. The gallery also added its own library in 2009 which is a paper palace or press cuttings, reviews, books and in-house publications which are reinvented each edition.
  • Yvon Lambert: The gallery’s pivotal aims to present artistic projects which are ambitious, innovative and intense. They resonate in their diverse program of shows.
  • Laurent Godin: With only three rooms, this exhibition space is compact but each show is allowed to breathe with a surprising fluidity between the rooms and spaces to wander. Staff are always at hand to talk you through the nature of the work.
  • Millesime Gallery: A local favourite just beneath the Eiffel Tower, the newest French talent is sought out for display here and it prides itself on being a stepping stone for global artistic success.
  • Bugada and Cargnel: This gallery has become the hub of burgeoning artistic life in the Belleville regions of Paris. Five hundred square metres of space of work packed with well known artists such as Gaillard and Collishaw, a young British artist whose work has explored the realms of photography and video.



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Is Art A Good Investment?

If ever you are worried about cheap cash eroding the value of money and potential inflation, art is a tangible asset that investors turn to. Like the foundations of a home, it’s the tangibility and physical supply of fine art which gives it an appeal as an investment class. But you have to ask yourself if it is a good investment overall, and there is proof out there that art has only returned two per cent last year against a backdrop of global stocks rising by ten per cent. That was largely before the looming end of the era of cheap money.

Investors are being warned not to rush into art investment despite reports of surging returns. Companies like that offer fine art 14666408818_e6908625c1_zpieces that have value are viewed as alternative investments, such as luxury cars and wine. The interest in art is understandable given the income being paid more traditional assets like bonds or by savings accounts. The global art market is booming and just two years ago, an impressionist artist sold a painting for almost two hundred million pounds. This kind of investment is the highest ever price paid for a work of art. As an investor, you need to know what to expect at the more realistic end of the market.

Combining all the research on the broad market points to an average return on investment grade art is high. High profile experts in the field advise against it and it is said that no one should buy works of art for investment purposes only as art is for enlightenment and pleasure. If you do buy art, buy what everyone else is buying. It would be popular and it is an entirely false market which is fiercely profitable at the moment. Financial planners are for the most part, keen to steer investors away from alternative investments. Art investments are unregulated, so investors cannot fall back on the financial services compensation scheme or any other body if their investment goes wrong. They are often illiquid, meaning that you may not be able to sell when you want and art, unlike equities, bonds or property, does not produce an income. Investing in art can also incur high costs, whether that is fund charges or associated transaction, insurance and storage costs if you’re buying individual works. Many people will also for the most part need to pay for specialist advice on what and when to buy.

Nevertheless, investors will always be impressed that artists can emerge rapidly and find their work achieving high standards and astronomical values. It can also be argues that art has a very low correlation to equity markets and so could provide a great diversification as part of an overall investment portfolio. For most people who love art, it’s the sensible approach to buy something they like and can afford, and first and foremost, be prepared to keep it just for the own pleasure.


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What are the Factors in Choosing Automatic Gates?

The thought of having automatic gates almost never crossed your mind, right? Or you could have fantasized about it, especially when it comes to your dream home. You will get your automatic gates soon even with such tight budget. But before you make your decision about it, you must first know some factors that will affect what your automatic gates will be like. If you want to see what these automatic gates look like, you can find variations of them at


Why Automatic Gates?

The reason is simple – it will give your property higher level of protection. Manual gates do give you some protection, but because there is a need to follow up to the gates whether it is closed or locked, it has the tendency to remain open for a very long time. And when the owner of the house is in a hurry, they have the tendency to be left open, inviting unwanted people over, not to mention burglars love that kind of opening for them to do their own thing.

wooden gate

Automatic gates are different. There is no need for you to make sure that you have closed and locked the gates since it is remotely operated. Also, there is no need to check out whether the gates are closed since it is programmed to lock itself when no other individuals are going to enter your property. It depends on the system that you have programmed for the automatic gates. You can simply have a system that will detect any person that will enter the gates, but that will only be compromising security since there is you do not set it against who is going to enter your property. You can implement an even more complex system for the automatic gates, but this will depend on the kind of budget that you have planned for it.


When it comes to power supply, it still uses the domestic standard. It doesn’t need its dedicated power since many systems these days are converted that can be compatible to standard electricity. The power supply should be within the area where the gates are. The system must be installed by a competent professional that adheres to the latest regulations. It should also be able to operate the lighting systems and intercom together with the automated gate system.


Style of the gates

You should ask yourself what your priorities are when it comes to automatic gates. If privacy is what you want or your top priority, you will need to go with the closed view gates, which can be made of wood, steel, iron or aluminum. If you are aiming for aesthetics, choose the ornate steel gates. You will also need to take into account the number of times required to keep the gates in its optimal condition. Aluminum is the least maintenance required among all four materials, while wood is obviously the most complex of all. Try to check out the styles featured in, and you will see for yourself which style of the gates will suit your needs.

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Men’s Fashion Guide: Holiday Season

It is about time we talked about what items you should take on holiday with you. I always think it’s easier for women. Sarongs, bikinis and floaty dresses are easy to pack and take on holiday but for men who usually live in jeans and t-shirts it can be a little more difficult to think of what to bring on holiday with you. There is so much information out there and it can get confusing; you have adverts from Primark to websites like that throw lots of ideas and info to you so we’ve put together this handy little guide to help you out. First and foremost you’ve got to make sure you aren’t just looking at luggage. It’s all well and good to know what you’re packing everything into but what about when you arrive? Have you thought about how you may carry your wallet, key to the hotel room and phone in? We know it’s customary to shove everything in the giant bag your wife may bring to the beach but if you are blissfully single and on holiday with the lads then there won’t be a giant tote to shove everything into. You’ll need a beach bag! Not a battered messenger back or God forbid, briefcase. Don’t buy anything leather or heavy cotton as you can actually do some damage to your phone if it’s too hot. Go for linen or wicker.  menswear brook taverner suits

If you’re looking for a great time out scouring the websites like for crisp lightweight shirts is what you need. You want to look smart, well-groomed and pressed and for that you need shirts that give statements and these shirts do the job. Make sure you choose light cotton though, you don’t want pit stains ruining your fresh new shirts. Take yourself along to Boots or Sunglasses Hut for the latest styles in RayBans. Sunglasses are essential on a beach holiday but not for hiding while eyeing the ladies. You want to be ultimately stylish and safe and make sure the sunglasses you choose have a good UV rating.

It’s summer and sunny so going to the beach means sandals. Men of a certain age always think sandals go perfectly with a pair of lurid green socks and you know, they’re very, very wrong. Sandals and socks are a big no-no and these are almost as bad as crocs in the fashion stakes! Packing a casual suit is never a bad thing if you are headed on a cruise or on a posh all-inclusive. Head over to to choose from their suit collection especially if you have a special lady to waltz around a dance floor; and we don’t mean the sticky-floored clubs of Malaga either!

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you should slack on the style front. Whether paired up or single dress not only to impress others, but for your own confidence!

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Packing For Your Holiday

There is no shame in loving a good holiday whether that’s abroad or in one of the many holiday resorts in the UK. There are so many variations and choices when it comes to going away and you can choose to go somewhere hot or somewhere cold and ensuring you pack appropriately for the climate is essential. There’s no limit to holidays in the world that we live in now and holiday destinations are on the up.

The most exciting part – other than actually booking the holiday of course! – is packing. Buying new clothes and packing them into cases you know will either be flying thousands of miles away or even just driving those to the nearest UK based resort is fun and it is the bit of the holiday that takes the most planning. Clothes shopping and packing for holidays is always going to be difficult until you’ve decided where you’re going and for how long especially if you’re bringing children with you. If you’re into camping, you obviously won’t be buying up bikinis or heeled wedges but you will be looking at wellies and warm clothing. For those going skiing or taking a break in colder climates, clothes that are warm are an obvious choice but still pack a few tshirts.

Skiing and snowboarding are both hard work and gets you hot and bothered extremely quickly and if you’re wrapped in the thickest woollen jumpers then that can really make you sweat! If you’re looking for a great range of knitwear for a holiday somewhere snowy and frosty you got to look at the quality of the clothing you’re buying and make sure you choose something high quality. Yes, you may pay more for quality but in the long run it will last longer. The knitwear and trousers available on are warm, cotton and last longer than the average so paying that little bit more before you take a holiday is never going to be a bad thing. menswear

Holidays don’t last forever so to spend more on the clothes for going away it’ll be an investment for later as you would still be using those clothes after a holiday. Most people plan holidays around events if it’s possible and most weddings are held in warm weather and if you’re lucky to be invited to a wedding that lasts a weekend in a country estate, then you’re not just dressing for the event but for the weather too. Having a look at you’ll be able to see a range of men’s casual but smart and appropriate shirts that are right for a summer get together in a classy setting. Wedding attire is also catered for with Birtchnells and the clothing is geared exclusively for men for both casual and formal occasions. Looking for clothing that reflect the occasion so making sure you buy a shirt and tie combo for meals out in the evenings is key.

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Where does furniture go in your house

If you have just bought furniture for your house and don’t know where to put them then, don’t worry because each furniture has its place to be and if you put it in the incorrect place, then it might be a bother for you in a while because it doesn’t fit in that area. Can you imagine putting the kitchen table in your room and your bed in the living room? It sounds a looks wrong, so that is why here some ideas on where to put your furniture in your house.


According to, you might wonder where you will put your furniture, though there is a profession called an interior designer, it cannot be helped that sometimes you would want to do it yourself. That is why you should know where furniture should go into your house because there is a lot of furniture. Each part of the house has its function, and the living room or the guest room is the place where you put your guest in so that is why it would be important for you to know that comfortable chairs should place in it; coach, sofa, comfy chairs and even tables. There are times though where the guest room would have bookshelves to place books so that your guest will have a source of entertainment when you are preparing for their meal and speaking of meal that would be in the kitchen.

modern living room. 3d rendering that when you’re in the kitchen, it should have the proper holding place for the kitchen utensils because that is where you will eat your three meals. Comfortable table and the chair is a must because how you sit will either help in properly digesting your food or it can take a while for the food to digest. Eating time is also the time when the family can talk about their day which means it may take quite a while to finish eating so having comfortable chairs is truly a must. The kitchen isn’t the place to have your coach because the floorings wouldn’t be the same in the living room because the kitchen can sometimes get a little messy so having a coach wouldn’t be so wise to have. A bed should only be put in your bedroom because it will be out of place if you put it in the living area. That would be uncomfortable and unreasonable.


Now you know that there are specific areas to put in your furniture. It isn’t just placing things from one area to the next because each furniture has its function and may not serve well if not placed in its comfortable environment. So if you are planning to place some furniture in your house, you have to make sure that it is in its environment because if you allow your bed in the kitchen, then it would look weird and wrong when you have your friends and family to visit. It would also be in the way because beds can come in different sizes.



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